Truck thieves are getting bolder and more daring. Park your vehicle in a diner for a 15-minute meal or a 90-second bathroom break and you risk returning to an empty parking space. They're getting smarter too, as proven by how many truck are stolen with sophisticated GPS and electronic security systems in place. Defending against the theft itself is the only effective way to protect your vehicle and your clients load.

Truck and tractor owners have two options. They can resign themselves to the fact the vehicle they invested thousands of dollars in will sooner or later be stolen, or they could install a TS-4A air brake lock that have NEVER been beaten or bypassed.

A TS4A air brake lock from CGM Security Solutions Inc., is the only patented US made tractor lock. Patent 5,688,027. This mechanical vehicle security device offers truck and tractor owners an effective way of securing their investments. CGM Security's air brake lock works by blocking a vehicle's air line from raising the air brakes and thereby prevents moving the rig regardless if the engine is on or off. The device is seamless to operate and is deployable in 1 second by removing the key. No assembly is required nor can it be pried off or defeated by drilling as in ALL of the competitive products on the market. It, in short, turns a truck's air brake system into a vehicle security device.

Unlike some of the electronic truck security systems being offered on the market today, the TS-4A air brake lock is mechanical and cannot be removed or disabled. Special tools, a thorough familiarity of the device and a lock specific key are the only way to remove it. When trading the truck, removal is a simple process, given you have the unique key. Keys cannot be duplicated as we own the key blank and they are not available on the market.

Aside from being permanently mounted and seamless to operate, the patented TS-4A air brake lock also offers a visual deterrent to theft that is unmatched by other truck security systems. The TS4A requires no special training to use, no complicated assembly and activating it is simply a matter of removing the air brake lock's special key. This is especially useful where there is a need to keep the engine running during deliveries because of the need for heat or cooling in the cab.

The TS-4A air brake lock system, can be used on all types of trucks, both straight trucks and tractors sold in the US with air brakes from 1988, can also be installed on any vehicle including fire engines, ambulances, busses or RV's with air brakes. It can be installed in a matter of 30 minutes by anyone, so transferring the vehicle security device from one truck to another does not require that great of an effort.

If you want a proven effective and convenient way to protect your truck and ensure the safety of your vehicle and load, the TS4A is the answer?