CGM has begun representing Babaco, a world leader in specialized transport security technology.  Babaco will be selling various CGM products including the TS2A, 3A, and 4A  while CGM will now offer the Digital seal, swing and roll up door locks with and without electronic key systems and other products as the needs arise.  All of our products are made in the United States and all of our collective products bear US Patent protection.  It is our intent to offer the highest quality security technology available but moreover the advice and expertise to put together effective planned programs to best utilize these tools to protect cargo and vehicle assets while unattended.




The Babaco Digital Seal is a battery operated magnetic device that renders a unique seal number when a container door (roll or swing type) is opened and closed.  The seal provides a clearly visible 1.5 inch high number, readable in day or night to view upon request.  The device can be queried by pushing a button to reveal the seal number still in effect without consuming battery life.  The device is completely water and weather proof and it is designed for the rigors of truck transport. It can also be used on other type of containers, cabinets, rail cars and vehicle doors if assembled with those products in mind.  The magnetic interface can be mounted basically anywhere there is an adequate surface.  The Digital Seal is a chain of custody device that allows for inspection rather than physical security as would be the job of a locking device, plastic or metal seal.  The Digital Seal is a means by which the user can determined if the container door was opened by simply using the number shown as a comparison to a recorded number of the prior opening.  This is typically the basis of a chain of custody protocol and can be used in most any transportation or warehousing situation.

6-10 is $299.00


The Truck Lock III is a heavy duty roll up door lock that is designed for security and door integrity above conventional door locks that typically come with trucks as original Equipment.  The Truck Lock III is made in the United States of ½ inch steel. It is designed to endure the punishment drives can dish out in general use and in the harshest weather conditions.  The lock does not require a key to lock it but rather it closes and locks in one simple operations.  The Abloy keys are not able to be duplicated and present a secure locking alternative to conventional locks mostly associated with the typical hook on roll up doors.  The Truck Lock III can also be fitted with a totally electronic key systems that remembers who opens it and when. These electronic keys are easily downloaded in docking stations and can be used to enhance any chain of custody delivery system your company currently employs.  These locks and keys are unique to Babaco and cannot be replicated or duplicated anywhere.  Like the Truck Lock III these are also patented and the software exclusively licensed by Babaco and sold by CGM Security Solutions.  Information on all Babaco products along with videos are available on their web site or through the links below.

The cost of the standard 'Abloy Key' system is approximately $420 in orders of 1-5 locks and the electronic key system adds almost $300 to that price.  Keys and docking stations and software are additional.  Once purchased there is no residual fee to use the system forever.  Keys are approximately $150 and docking stations are approximately $300.  As a combined system this is a powerful robust security tool to protect you unattended cargo.


Additionally BABACO products swing door locks, refer door locks, specialized van locks and an array of specialized GPS devices for tracking trucks and trailers.