Every year, hundreds of tractors are stolen when drivers momentarily leave to go to the bathroom, have a bite to eat, or get a quick cup of coffee. Millions of dollars in cargo and equipment are lost to companies in about 90 seconds when their equipment is left unattended! The investment you make in purchasing high-value tractor/trailer equipment should absolutely be protected. The only viable locking systems are resident to the rig and do not need driver assisted assembly or training to use. The TS4A is a prime example of simplicity, seamless operation and high security.

In order to insure that tractors will not be stolen while left unattended, CGM Security Solutions Inc. has developed and patented the TS4A Tractor Air Brake Lock. When engaged, this security locking device blocks the air line from the tractor to the air brakes both in the tractor, and if hooked together, to the trailer.  The TS-4A Tractor Air Brake Lock is compatible with any air brake valve system, whether it is Bendix, Haldex or Midland. It can be configured for any set-up and installation is easily accomplished by your own fleet maintenance staff in under 20 minutes. An assembly guide is attached to all orders.

The TS-4A Tractor Air Brake Lock will not only last for the life cycle of the rig to which it is installed, it will last year, after year, after year, for any truck that is purchased for the fleet. Simply remove the TS-4A from the retired rig and install it in the new equipment. There is only a nominal fee for any newly configured mounting plate.

By installing the TS-4A you are assured that the driver will use it because it is now part of the value assembly for the emergency brake. This is not a flimsy plastic cuff piece that may or may not make it onto the air brake knob nor is it a cheap steering wheel lock that also has to be assembled. Very often these inexpensive devices end up on the floor of the vehicle or under the seat and never actually get used. Why take a chance with the investment you have made in equipment, your brand or your clients products? The results of a stolen rig can be devastating and quite costly. Just call Erik Hoffer at 1 1-941-740-0074 and he will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this technology or most other vehicle sealing or security products.